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Delta Airlines – it is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier. The airlines operate over 5,400 flights daily and serve 325 destinations in 52 countries. In terms of number of scheduled passengers, revenue passengers, kilometers flown and even fleet size it is ranked second. The airlines have its headquarter in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the oldest airlines operating in United States. The airline’s frequent flyer program is SkyMiles. If one wants to get a hand on experience for the same one will be required to fly with the airlines by getting the reservation done through website or by calling the reservation number.

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Travel Requirements Guide

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U.S. Entry Requirements

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How to Book Delta Airlines Cheap flight ticket?

Planning for a vacation or need an urgent official trip and looking for a cheap flight ticket? Here is the easy way to book a cheap flight ticket very conveniently. For cheapest flight fare Delta Airlines is the best option which is the world’s second largest airlines and one of the major airlines of United states from the point of its schedule passengers carried, revenue passenger-kilometres flown and fleet size. Delta airlines headquarter is in Atlanta, Georgia. Before we find the tricks of booking Delta Airlines cheap flight, let's have a look on the reasons why millions of people prefer to fly with this airline company.

Why do millions of people fly with Delta Airlines?

The people

The employees of Delta airlines are very professional and obliged with their customers compare to other airlines in US. They take good care of customers starting from flight attendant to pilots to rampers which is very important to fly with one airline.

Delta skyclubs

When comes to Delta’s skyclub membership it ensures services like quality & hygiene food along with their friendly approaches.

Operational reliability

Delta airlines operation is well-organized and efficient. If any situation like cancellation arise, Delta makes it easy to re-book through their websites and app.

High-speed wi-fi

Delta has high speed wi-fi in all their new mainline aircrafts which passenger can use on board.

Entrainment on domestic flight

Delta offers on board TV screen to all seats of newly delivered mainline aircrafts.

How to book cheap ticket at Delta Airlines?

Ticket booking date

Try to book Delta Airlines cheap flight on midweek rather than on weekends because generally prices are high in weekend and Monday or Friday when weekend is starting or ending.

Subscribe Newsletter for offer

Signing up in the website for several offers by the company through which you can get the easy notification by email.

Book early ticket

If possible, try to book your ticket little earlier which enables less tariff by which you will get a cheap ticket.

How to book Delta flight through website-

In order to get the reservation done online one will be required to take the steps as below
  • First and Foremost an individual will be required to be on the official website.
  • On this page, you will be required to choose between Round trip, One Way or Multi- city, destination of travel, shop with miles, refundable fares or My dates are flexible, number of passenger, date of travel once the details have been selected click on Advance Search
  • In order to make a trip more comfortable you will be provided with more options as Include nearby airports and so forth
  • Among the available options on this page one can pick the flight which best suits the requirement and one can also select to travel in Economy, Premium Economy, Business and you will also be in the position to check the prices as well
  • You will be able to view the trip summary on this page and if one wants can even get the ticket upgradation done and could even choose seats and then can hit on the option continue to Review and Pay.
  • At this time even, one can select the seat, can check what all extra options are available in order to make their travel more comfortable, can check Baggage allowance per Passenger
  • Now will be required to enter the details of the traveler as name, details of the frequent flyer program, has to select the gender, contact details,
  • In order to get the reservation done one will have to make the payment among the available options which can through using debit or credit card.
Delta Booking

Delta Reservation

How to book Delta flight ticket through Phone Number & via Reservation Number-

In case if one is not that tech savvy or in other words is finding baffling to get the reservation done through official website the same can be taken care by calling the Reservation number and the experts will do the needful by taking the steps as below

  • The expert who will answer you call will ask you details as whether if you want to buy one way, round trip, multi-city, date of travel, destination, number of passenger and will enter the details accordingly
  • Among the available options, the representative will help you to choose the flight and even tell the amount has to pay for the same and if you want to fly with Economy, Premium Economy or Business call.
  • The expert on the call will help the individual to even select the seat in order to ensure that you can travel comfortably
  • Now one will be required to give the details of the traveler as complete name, if one has the details of the frequent flyer program, gender, contact details.
  • In order to complete the purchase one will be required to give the details of how to make the payment
  • While on the call, one will also give the complete information about the baggage policy as well.

How to Book Delta Business Class Seat & Delta airlines seat selection

In order to book the seat what the traveler is looking for one can take the steps as below
  • One has to be on the official website and hit on the option booking on the same page
  • One will be required choose the type of journey if it is going to be one way, round trip or multi-city, have to enter the date of journey, and arrival airports.
  • Enter the details of the time of journey, number of passenger travelling.
  • One now will be required to select the class, one can pick to fly with Business Seat as Delta one among the other five Economy, Main Cabin, Delta Comfort, First Class, Delta Premium.
  • One can now enter the details of the traveler and the make the payment in order to get the booking complete

After booking the ticket, if the traveler wants to upgrade the ticked from Economy to Business Class one can also do the same by dialing the Reservation number and the expert at the other hand will take here for the same.

Delta Business

Delta air

Delta Airlines Manage Booking

Once the reservation is done as we are in living in fast pacing world, so there can be changes that we want to make changes which can be taken care in the following way

  • Initially the individual has to login in Delta Account
  • Now click on the option Delta Airlines Manage My Booking
  • An individual will be required to enter the details as first and the last name, flight number, date of travel as well the departure and the arrival airports and hit on summit
  • Now the individual can make the necessary changes as cancellation, rescheduling, applying for refund or may just checking the status of the flight

In case the individual finds difficulty in doing so at their end, the same can be done through by dialing Delta Airlines customer service & help desk all you be sure of that one has details of the ticket handy.

Delta Airlines web check- in

We will do all whatever it takes us to make your journey full of relaxation hence forth we also provide the option of check –in and the methods f the same are as

The airline allows web check –in 24 hours before the flight is scheduled for departure and for the same one has go on the website click on the option check –in and you will be required to enter the ticket conformation number, Sky miles or the credit card in order to access the account and one can avail the option of printing the boarding pass using online services , other than this one can also opt to check – in using the Delta mobile app and the same can be done at the airport through self-service Kiosk or can also seek help from counters.


luggage size

Delta Airlines Baggage Policy & fees

Delta Airlines baggage policy for regular basic fares which as following Carry –on baggage

1 personal item –fee free

1 carry –on-item- fee free

  • Checked baggage – fees applicable per baggage increases with number checked
  • Overweight and oversize bag – fees applicable as per the weight and size categories
  • Sport equipment- some items might have applicable fees

Carry – On Delta baggage policy

Delta Airlines allows 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item and the size and weight are mentioned below
  • 45 Linear inches or 115 centimeters inclusive of handles and wheels
  • Personal item should be of proper size that can fit under the seat in front of you
  • Jacket, umbrella, diaper bag, duty free items and assertive devices as wheelchair, walker, crutches, strollers, child resistant seat and so forth are not counted as your carry- on allowances.
  • Bulkhead seats do have under seat storage, hence all the carry-on baggage must be kept in the overhead bin during take-off and landing

Delta baggage policy

Fees –

Yes, Fees might be applicable as they are determined by the type of ticket you have purchased however in some cases as an active U S military person or even if the case of dependent, if you are a frequent flyer program, status with affiliated carrier, or in case if you possess Delta Airlines sponsored credit charge. In case if you looking for more specification in regards to the amount from the destination you are travelling from and the arrival destination, one can get the answer by dialing the Delta Airlines customer service and help desk number.

Delta Cancellation Policy

How to Cancel Delta Airlines Flight?

Before we get on the how to cancel the flight, it is essential to know that any Delta Ticket can be cancelled within 24 hours till the time 11.59pm the following day. In order to do so one has to take the steps as
  • One will be required to go on the website
  • Now the traveler will be required to enter the names and the ticket conformation number in order to look for the itineraries and you will get the option to cancel the flight .
  • In case if the flights originate outside the United States as Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Island or Canada, for the same that the request cannot be done online and one will be required to called the Delta Reservation.
  • Bulkhead seats do have under seat storage, hence all the carry-on baggage must be kept in the overhead bin during take-off and landing

How to get refund of Delta Flight Cancellation

In case if you the flight is canceled with the span of 24 hours one will get the refund automatically in the original form of payment in case of online purchase, if the ticket is purchased at Delta ticket office or even at an airport counter one will be required to email the receipt to Delta and the refund will be processed. In case if the ticket has been canceled after 24 hours, now one will be required to check if the ticket is refundable same can be done by going the website and you will be required to enter the details as document number and then you will be able to see if the ticket is refundable as well the other details regarding the ticket. Even though the ticket is nonrefundable, one can try to cancel his or her itinerary and it can be used for the future flight and one will be required to pay the fee change charges


Tickets such as basic economy are neither eligible for refund or for change.

Delta Airlines booking number

Delta provides assistance 24 by 7 across the globe just by ensuring that they are just a call away, the representative who will answer the call will ensure that all the concerns are dealt aptly, be it related to the booking, if one is looking for more information about the luggage, is looking for dinning information or so forth the representative will make sure that all will be taken care on the same call.

Delta Airlines Customer Service & Help desk

Customer service & Help desk are the face of the company and the representative of the Delta Airlines will ensure that the customer satisfaction is what they will always strive for as by taking care from the booking till the traveler reaches the designation. They will also help one with the car booking as well the hotel reservation just to make sure that they have the best experience. They also help the individual by letting them how best they can use the Sky miles

How to Cancel Delta Airlines Flight?

Before we get on the how to cancel the flight, it is essential to know that any Delta Ticket can be cancelled within 24 hours till the time 11.59pm the following day. In order to do so one has to take the steps as. In case if the flights originate outside the United States as Puerto Rico, the U.S Virgin Island or Canada, for the same that the request cannot be done online and one will be required to called the Delta Reservation

Delta Airlines Flights To Most Favorite Destinations in the United States

Delta Flights to Albuquerque
Delta Flights to Anchorage
Delta Flights to Atlanta
Delta Flights to Austin
Delta Flights to Baltimore
Delta Flights to Baton Rouge
Delta Flights to Birmingham
Delta Flights to Boston
Delta Flights to Buffalo
Delta Flights to Charleston
Delta Flights to Charlotte
Delta Flights to Chicago
Delta Flights to Cincinnati
Delta Flights to Columbus
Delta Flights to Dallas
Delta Flights to Denver
Delta Flights to Detroit
Delta Flights to Fresno-Yosemite
Delta Flights to Grand Rapids
Delta Flights to Hartford-Springfield
Delta Flights to Houston
Delta Flights to Indianapolis
Delta Flights to Jackson Hole
Delta Flights to Jacksonville
Delta Flights to Kansas City
Delta Flights to Las Vegas
Delta Flights to Los Angeles
Delta Flights to Louisville
Delta Flights to Madison
Delta Flights to Memphis
Delta Flights to Milwaukee
Delta Flights to Minneapolis
Delta Flights to Montrose-Telluride
Delta Flights to Nashville
Delta Flights to New Orleans
Delta Flights to New York City
Delta Flights to Norfolk
Delta Flights to Omaha
Delta Flights to Orange County
Delta Flights to Palm Springs
Delta Flights to Philadelphia
Delta Flights to Phoenix
Delta Flights to Pittsburgh
Delta Flights to Portland
Delta Flights to Providence
Delta Flights to Quebec City
Delta Flights to Raleigh
Delta Flights to Reno-Tahoe
Delta Flights to Richmond
Delta Flights to Sacramento
Delta Flights to Salt Lake City
Delta Flights to San Antonio
Delta Flights to San Diego
Delta Flights to San Francisco
Delta Flights to San Jose
Delta Flights to Savannah
Delta Flights to Seattle
Delta Flights to St. Louis
Delta Flights to Sun Valley
Delta Flights to Washington DC

List of Delta Connection Destinations 

Find Airport Name with City/Country Details

Find the List of General Contact Information of Delta Airlines

Here you will be able to find all general contact details so that you can easily find the support related to reservations, booking, obtaining SkyMiles information, checking flight status, etc.

800-221-1212: For General Information
800-370-8748: For Domestic & International Flight Booking
800-323-2323: For Delta SkyMiles Members
800-325-1999: For Delta Flight Information
800-241-4141: For Delat International Sales & Services
800-847-0578: For Delta Refund Status
800-325-8224: For Delta Baggage Policy
800-800-1504: For Delta Vacation
800-225-1366: For Delta airfare reservations
800-800-1504: For Delta Vacations packages including airfare
866-204-0280: For Delta Hotel reservations

Delta Airlines Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’ S )

Due to certain circumstances your existing flight may have got cancelled and according to your knowledge you may have come up to a understanding that Delta airlines offers all of its passengers last minute flights. If you have heard it so then you have heard it correct as Delta airlines offers such privilege to all of its passengers. There is a process which the passengers will need to follow in case they are looking for last minute flight bookings with Delta airlines. Passengers need not move anywhere for such process as the step by step process for the same is mentioned down in the tutorial.

Steps in order to quickly make last minute flight bookings in Delta airlines:

Step 1: In case passengers are there in airport then passengers can directly go to the counter of Del airlines and see the next available flights and then quickly get the booking done.

Step 2: For online booking land onto the official website of Del airlines and login to the same with the account username and account password.

Step 3: Check for latest available flights across a destination and proceed to enter personal info and complete the payment to close the booking process.

Apart from last minute reservations there would be many of the passengers who may be looking for normal reservations in delta airlines. If that is so then we can guide you with the same as well. The first step would be to land onto the official website of delta airlines. Once the passengers land onto the same then they can follow the below mentioned steps to make reservations in delta airlines.

Steps to make reservation in delta airlines:

Step 1: From the login portal of delta airlines enter the flight info like to and from destination and then click on the Search option.

Step 2: Choose the flight which meets the requirements and then proceed to enter the personal info.

Step 3: Once the personal info has been entered then payment gateway will come up next which the passengers will have to pay.

Step 4: Finally make the payment to complete the process of booking with delta airlines and then you are free to travel on the specified date and time for which you have made the booking.

There would be many of the passengers who may be looking to directly connect with the agents of delta airlines to make reservations or looking for any other resolution with regards to delta airlines. If that is so then we can quickly help you with that as well. For direct assistance passengers can simply do is directly dial the 24/7 delta airlines reservations toll free phone number. Passengers have such privilege all through the year without any hassles or second thought. Passengers can such avail such services and ask for any number of query or issue that they must be facing.

Apart from phone assistance passengers can seek assistance from agents of delta airlines by various other modes. The other modes through which passengers can ask for assistance includes live chat and email support. For chat support passengers can click on the chat icon available onto the official website and then quickly place the query or the issue that they are facing. The agents will then quickly call the passengers and then get the issue resolved in a short span of time. For email support passengers can mail the issue and query that they are facing with regards to delta airlines. One of the agents will quickly assign the ticket and then get the issue resolved in a quick span of time without any hassles or second thought.

delta airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the United State and it offers amazing facilities and services to its travellers. After completing the booking by the travel agent or any third-party website, passengers aren’t able to access their booking. So, if you have booked a flight ticket with delta airlines and searching How Do I Check My Flight Reservation? Then, your search will end here, and just follow the below-given instructions and get your booking.

  • Firstly, visit the official delta Airlines with help of any desired web browser.
  • Then, tap on the ‘Check-in’ option.
  • Enter the ‘Confirmation Number’ or ‘Credit Card Number’ or ‘SkyMiles Number’ in the first text box.
  • Next, enter the ‘Last Name’ of the passenger & ‘Origin Airport’ in the rest of the field.
  • After then, tap on the ‘Arrow’ button and then, access your travel itinerary.
  • If you wish so you may print your boarding pass via mobile or laptop devices.

Therefore, passengers can easily access their reservations and check their booking. In case, on the duration of booking checking, if any passenger wants to modify their booking or add any travel itineraries on the booked ticket so then, just contact the delta Airlines Booking Number and take the assistance for an issue related to the delta airlines reservation with a highly talented and experienced travel representative.

If you want to check the real-time status of delta airlines so no need to go to any tracker because the official website of delta airlines provides the current status of the flight. Just learn the method of delta flight status.

  • Open any favorite web browser and type ‘’ URL in the address bar. (official delta Airlines Website)
  • Tap on the ‘Flight Status’ option and enter the ‘Travel Date’.
  • Next, write the ‘Flight Number’ or ‘Departure & Destination Place’ in the required text.
  • Then, press the ‘Arrow’ button and check the real-time status of your flight.

Moreover, if you are facing any issues to check your flight status so just connect with the delta Airlines Customer service number which is available 24X7 and after connecting your call, just Share your flight number & journey date with the travel representative and get the current running status of the flight.

Delta Airlines offers various features and services before or after the journey and users can directly connect with Delta Representative and avail the information or solve any difficult issue related to Delta Airlines. But maximum users want to know the question How Do I Speak to A Delta Representative? Then, here are the perfect ways to connect Delta Representative via phone, chat, email, or another platform. Just, follow the below-mentioned steps.

Connect via Helpline number: To get instant assistance for any query, a traveller needs to dial the official delta airlines phone number and connect with a delta airlines representative. Passengers can keep the issue in front of the representative and get perfect assistance with the best solution.

Solutions offered by the Delta Representative Over the Call:

  • Flight booking or any reservation-related issue.
  • Add or change booking itineraries on the booked ticket.
  • Flight cancellation or refund-related solutions.
  • Help for the flight rescheduled or change.
  • Seat change or upgrade-related issues & many more.

Connect via Live Chat: This is also a helpful feature where passengers can get real-time solutions. Just visit the official website of Delta Airlines and tap the comment section. Just request for the live chat. After some time, the Delta Representative will arrive on the chat and share your issue related to Delta Airlines and get a complete solution in a very short time.

In the days of pandemic, safety measures have become the main concern everywhere. Covid 19 has impacted people so much that health and cleanliness have become first priority than ever before. With this travelling has become a challenge and costs higher with extra efforts to make ourselves free of any infections. But still due to the urges of work, family meetings or some emergencies we need to travel facing all challenges. And for these troublesome times Delta airlines has come up with cleaning programs at airports and flights to make sure passengers are flying safely.

Let’s take a look before you plan to fly! 

  • Delta is working hard with its chief health officer to maintain high standards of cleanliness and safety for their travelers.

  • A team of cleaning workers has been appointed to continue work in domestic airport areas as well as aircrafts.

  • They keep themselves updated with health experts, providing all new technology to keep all its area and aircraft frequently disinfectant.

  • They are in contract with Emory healthcare to ensure all the safety measures and sanitisation process. 

  • They are in partnership with experts in keeping wellness programs, wiping down surfaces.

  • They have also installed air filters onboard which help in reduction of germs. 

  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are located in various parts of the area. 

  • Employees wear masks and the temperature is checked on a regular basis before they enter for work.  

  • Electrostatic spray is done every night.

  • To maintain distance Plexiglass has been placed at all counters of the airport. 

  • Food area is also disinfected on a regular basis.

  • Face masks are mandatory to all passengers and customers at the airport. An extra safety kit will be provided at the time of check in.

  • ‘Fly delta app’ should be used to take the privilege of touchless technology at the time of check in .

  • Customers need to have a test of covid 19 of the past 14 days and should ensure they are without any symptoms.

  • Boarding process has been changed. Order to maintain low contact with others, now you have to board from back to front, with limited persons at a time. 

  • Except meal time passengers need to wear masks and face shields in the flight. 

  • Number of passengers has been reduced by blocking the middle seat of the aircraft to maintain distance between travellers.


So now the most common question asked by customers at the time of pandemic is regarding tests. 


Well yes ! It is a necessary document nowadays at the time of boarding, without which you are not allowed to board the flight.

Delta airlines will not allow infected persons to board. Report has to be negative to make your travel successful. At the time of check in customers need to carry their negative covid test report. At the time of check in there shouldn’t be any sign of covid symptoms too!

  • All the US citizen and non Us citizen must carry their negative report of covid 19

  • Non US citizens must be fully vaccinated including their negative report of covid 19 

  • COVID Test should be of within 1 day before the departure of the flight. This rule is applicable to all customers ageing more than 2 years. 

  • Passengers should also fill in a sign in  attestation and complete contact tracing information without  which it will not be allowed to board.

  • Patients who have been found with positive results and have now recovered since past 3 months can travel with signed documents by an authorised doctor including proof.

  • Connecting flights also require negative tests with proof

  • Customers have to pay for their covid test. 

If you have a problem making a reservation or after you've booked a flight and need help, you can speak to a live representative. Delta Airlines offers customer service in a variety of channels. Some link you directly to a live agent, while others offer support in a more indirect way. If you would like to know how to speak to a live person from Delta Airlines, please find the information provided below.

• Delta Airlines also offers a live chat portal to assist customers with a variety of questions.

• The online chatbox can be found on the airlines' official website and will allow you to interact directly with a live agent via webchat.

• Your question is then answered by the airline customer service executive assigned to you in the chatbox.

• The fastest way to connect with a live person is through airline live chat services offered by the airline through its web portal.

Booking a flight online on is a convenient option but if you are facing server related issues, network problems, technical glitches while booking or simply don’t want to spend the time and energy to search for cheap flights online then Delta’s dedicated customer care team is always ready to assist you with your reservations. But the question here is how can we contact Delta customer care team? What is Delta airlines phone number?

Well, Delta offers multiple toll-free numbers for different queries of its passengers. You just need to dial which number relates with your needs.

1. If you want to make a new reservation, dial 800-221-1212 and be ready with your travel requirements.

2. If you are a skyMiles member, dial 800-323-2323

3. For baggage related queries, you can contact the Delta staff at 800-325-8224

4. And if you have any queries related to your refunds, dial 800-847-0578.

The most authentic and genuine Delta Airlines customer service team always ensures to offers you most guaranteed, skilled and timely information in a stipulated period of time and thus now available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week at your services to offer you never ending trust worthy service's of all the time.
1. Swift and last long services
2. Resolve tickets in minimum timeframe with extra efforts

Disclaimer: is information Service Provider website for the User who have issue in buying Ticket , cancellation ,& make Changes in their Ticket. We are not claim as official website . Brand Name logo & image used only for Information Purpose. For Any Airlines Info Related issue , you can get in touch with us at


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Delta is one of my top airlines. They seem to have it all together when it comes to on time, cabin cleanness and staff friendliness. This not say I have not had some less than good flights with Delta. The trip took me from ROC to ATL to LAS. Tip, going through Atlanta can be confusing for first time travelers. My recommendation is to allow 2 hours for connections and that will reduce travel stress works for experience travels too


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