How to book delta companion ticket,How do i add a companion on delta?

We all love getting 2-for-1 flights. Delta offers this opportunity to cardholders of Delta SkyMiles Platinum or Delta SkyMiles Reserve American Express cards. Both these cards provide you with a Delta Partner certificate on each account anniversary. Which costs or can be around $100, which is much more than the annual fee. In this post, we will walk you through how to find and book flights with your Delta Partner certificate.

What is a Delta Companion Certificate?


The Delta Companion Certificate is one of the great benefits that comes with only a few Delta credit cards. This perk allows you to get what In fact 2-for-1 deals on plane tickets.

So, when someone buys 1 ticket, you can use the Delta Companion Certificate to buy another ticket, and you will have to pay taxes and fees on only one ticket.


The Delta Companion certificate is quite easy to use.


1: First Find Your Delta Companion Certificate


If you want to use Delta Companion Certificate then you should directly go to E-Certificate & E-Credit and login at the bottom of the page. You can search for certificates by certificate number, but Delta requires the certificate holder to login. Therefore, it is best to log in at the beginning.

If you just need to find your Delta Partner certificate, you can find it in an email sent by Delta when your Partner Certificate is issued. This will also happen around the same time as your credit card anniversary.

When you are logged in you can view your issued certificates and e-credits. By looking at this you can see which fare class to use for your certificate, expiration date and terms. You also need to note that you cannot use other e-credits with your partner certificate.

Select the Companion Certificate you want to use and click on Continue.


2.Looking for Delta Companion Tickets


When the certificate is applied, the certificate should appear at the top of the page after continuing. It displays you all kinds of relevant information like expiry date and certificate number.

Below that, you will need to enter the departure and arrival airport information you wish to travel to. If once you are finished, click "Find Flights".

If you are looking for flights, the result shown is the one you can use the certificate on. This means if the flight you are looking for is not showing up, there is no availability depending on the fare classes not available


3. Pay for Delta Companion Tickets


After selecting your departing and returning flights, you will see a summary page. You only have to pay taxes and fees for your companion।

Be aware, you can only use your American Express credit or debit card whenever the associate certificate is applicable. You eCredit or Gift Card cannot be used again if applicable.

However, you can use any card issued by American Express. It does not necessarily have to be one of Delta's co-branded American Express cards. You can use the card. I use the American Express Platinum Charge Card whenever I book tickets. So I earn 5X Membership Rewards points every time I buy tickets from airlines.

For More Info visit Delta Airlines website:


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