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The airlines also pledge to offer a safe and clean environment to every traveler so that airlines can deliver a safe, healthy, and clean travel experience every time.


Steps to change the date in Delta Airlines Flight Ticket


Delta Airlines believes in making your flight experience more soothing and simpler in all the ways so that you can enjoy the long-lasting services all the time without any issues. The airlines simplify the travel experience so that you can have more control over your every traveling.


The change in date in Delta Airlines always arises when you are not able to continue the journey with airlines at the scheduled flight of the airlines and you need to make an alternate flight by changing the previously scheduled airline, always follow the quick and easy steps mentioned below if you wish to change the date in Delta Airlines:-


  1. For a change in date, you have to first visit the website of Delta Airlines.
  2. Then you have to go to the section of Find Your Trip. 
  3. Or the traveler can also log in and navigate to My Trips.
  4. Now select the flight or date for which you want to change the journey.
  5. Now you have to click on the option of ‘Modify Flight’.
  6. Now click on ‘Start Flight Change’ or date.
  7. Choose a new flight available according to the new schedule.
  8. Complete checkout process by completing the payment mode
  9. Once the payment is made you will get the confirmation of the flight change with Delta Airlines via Email or in your account on the online portal.
  1. Save the details as you will require it at the time of traveling


Now follow the convenient method mentioned above, all you would need to select the most suitable date according to your need. It is really a simple way to make the date change anytime in Delta Airlines and can avoid any issues while making your desired booking.

What is Delta Airlines Date change Policy?


Unlike every airline, Delta airlines also offer the policy of flight date change which user can do anytime and anywhere as the airlines understand that change can happen anytime no matter how perfect the plan or trip is organized, as emergency always comes uninvited. And in every unpleasant situation, the airlines offer you complete assistance and support to change your booking anytime through online mode also you can connect with the customer care team through a direct toll-free number and get easy assistance all the time.


By keeping in mind the simple and easy steps of Delta Airlines Date Change Policy you can save extra time from paying any additional charges, here mentioned some of the Delta Airlines policies which you should keep in mind while making any change in date of Delta Airlines:-


  1. While traveling through Delta Airlines, the passengers has the flexibility to change the date, time, or location of their trip prior to departure without any extra fee or penalty.
  2. If you wish to save yourself from any additional charges, try to change the flight booking within 24 hours of ticket purchase as changes done within 24 hours of booking you are not liable to pay any flight change fees
  3. Also, the change fee will apply to bookings, if the flight booking is made after 24 hours or made seven or more days before the departure.
  4. Any cancellation made after 24 hours of booking, liable to pay a new fare more than the original Delta flight ticket, as the passenger needs to pay the fare difference, including the taxes and other charges.
  5. In Delta airlines, if the cancellation is made and the new flight fare is less than the original booking for the changed flights, then you may get the remaining amount as a travel credit or voucher for future use.


BY considering all the points mentioned above you can save your time and energy while making the date change in Delta Airlines and the flight change task becomes more accessible and pocket-friendly.


For any issues or information related to the date change policy, you can get connected with the technical support team who are a group of reservation experts who help you round the clock and provide you step by step solution to every query.


  1. 24 hours a day and 7 days a week technical support & service
  2. Swift and easy support all the time
  3. Reliable and authentic result for every query


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